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From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow.

Medical & Health Writing

28 years of experience

From Academic Press in San Diego, to Scientific American in New York, to medical education & promotion, health technology assessment, and clinical research organizations in Philadelphia . . .
. . . to Acorn Freelance!

I will put 28 years of experience to work for you, creating material to impress your boss, colleagues, and clients—and reach your target audience.

I offer broad and deep experience with a variety of challenges, content types, and processes across the medical-publishing industry.

I am committed to:

  • Analyzing and summarizing large bodies of information

  • Collaborating with subject-matter experts and designers

  • Creatively delivering your message

  • Explaining difficult concepts in simple language

  • Managing intricate projects with multiple stakeholders

  • Meeting deadlines—always

  • Organizing and clarifying complex material

  • Producing impressive content

  • Targeting—and reaching—your audience


Your project: brimming with potential

You will find me to be: 

  • Dedicated

  • Enthusiastic

  • Flexible

  • Pleasant

  • Reliable

  • Smart

  • Talented

Clarifying complex ideas
Jacqueline M. Mahon, MA
Medical/Health Writer & Communications Consultant

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